What is it


Osito Bimbo® has been the beloved mascot of Bimbo® Bakeries for over 70 years and continues to be a symbol of goodness, tenderness, quality and love. He is proud of the brand he represents, including each one of his products and every single member of Bimbo® Bakeries.

By creating a hot air balloon in his likeness, Osito Bimbo® is providing families far and wide with an unforgettable memory. More importantly, he is giving them a reason to get together and remember the value of family. After all, his purpose is to nourish, delight and serve the world. To him, everyone around the world is family.

Through Rise & Shine, Osito Bimbo® wants us to recollect that nurturing voice of our mom, dad or beloved relative that gets us up to start the day. He wants us to recognize that we must give our all, to rise and shine as human beings, to help others, to respect our world and especially build strong families, every single day. He reminds us that with simple gestures of love and caring we can make our world a better place.

So, join us! Be a beacon of light in the sky, making our world and families better than ever. Let’s all Rise & Shine together.